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Do you know where my logo originates from? – There is a reason for each component.

I originally wanted 4 hands imposed on top of each other and changing in size from largest to smallest and a dark purple to a pale lilac.  I wanted to give the idea of us helping each other on a journey, hand-in-hand.  I couldn’t design it!

So, hubby was drafted in.  I explained I wanted a heart shape with two ‘adult’ hands to make the shape with two child-sized hands imposed on top.  We couldn’t do that either.  But we did find a nice heart shape.  We also spotted a rather good (copyright free) image of adults holding hands with children and somehow hubby managed to get them to go around the edge of the heart.  He still doesn’t know what he clicked and hasn’t been able to replicate it since.

He then spent a good while trying to put SENDCO Solutions into the heart, it wouldn’t fit unless he turned the shape on its side.  If you look closely you’ll see it isn’t quite straight (he rotated freehand rather than turning 90 degrees.).  Finally, having got the words in place, and a fair few hours playing with the angle of the ‘S’ we spent a while debating the colour.

Purple happens to be my favourite colour but it has to be the right shade of purple.  Purple also screams SEN at me – I have no idea why.  After a while of tweaking the RGB I finally had a logo.