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Prim-ed publishing, based in Ireland, offer a variety of educational resources to tempt the moths out of the budget purse.

They offer free delivery on orders over £25 and have an exciting range of new resources available.


EMILE Education

Glen runs Emile-education and Cyber-Coach.  He has an innovative product using computer games to engage students with maths activities.  Focussed on the primary maths curriculum and supported by research by the MMU students work their way trhrough a series of engaging computer games to collect missing crystals and also to find coins to evolve a Tamagotchi-style ‘Emile’ character.
For further information please contact support@emile-education.co.uk and quote SENDCOSolutions in the subject line.


Edukey, part of Tes, make great software for the education sector that can save your staff time and reduce workload. Founded by a teacher with 16-years classroom experience, all their products have been developed with the knowledge and understanding that comes from hands-on experience, working closely with teachers and schools to ensure their needs are met.
I work with this company as their consultant SENCO and can recommend heir products from the chalk-face having used them when I was based in schools.



Carter’s Yard Phonics Flashcards are a set of 64, interactive ‘talking’ flashcards that are used in classrooms throughout the UK. The fun, engaging, multi-sensory cards are the perfect phonics accessory for home and school.

Created by two passionate and experienced primary teachers, Carter’s Yard Phonics Flashcards are proven to support children as they progress from producing individual sounds to reading words and allow them to learn at their own pace, with or without input from an adult.


Have a look here for a video review of the cards or have a look at my blog here.

LemonTREE Books

I’ve been working with LemonTree books since the start of 2019.  The have produced an exciting range of social story books.
See their press release below.

If you place an order with them,. please use SMILE in the notes box and they’ll know you came via my website.  🙂

The new series goes on sale from the Lemon Tree website at www.lemontreebookco.co.uk on 24th June.


Have a look here for a video preview of their first two books.


Teach Reading Using GameS


TRUGS (for teachers), TRUGS at home (for parents) is a systematic synthetic phonics group of resources to enable anyone, who can themselves read, to help a child/student to progress their level of reading/spelling. The structured decodable card games combines the professional phonics side of learning to decode print with the fun side of playing card games in a hugely, effective and engaging way. The pupils will be succeeding in a manner that captures their enthusiasm and achieves incidental learning.

My students LOVED these games.

Watch the TRUGS video for more information.

SEN Books

SEN Books . If you want your books slightly cheaper than Amazon (especially if you’re not a Prime account holder) and don’t want to trawl Facebook for offers, then have a look at SENBooks.
Colin and Rachel offer a brilliant service and orders over £50 attract free delivery.
You can often find Colin at a variety of conferences and educational shows.  Say “Hi!”



Fagus was developed for the students at Beech Lodge School, many of whom have difficulties with attachment and trauma-related difficulties.
Fagus provide devlopmental frameworks for the monitoring of social and emotional skills.

Watch their introduction video here.

Mable Therapy

Looking for speech and language support in school?  Have a look at Mable Therapy.

The Mable online platform allows pupils and teachers to access our huge network of specialists whenever they need them.

Mable works on a credit basis, you pay for credits in advance and then exchange them for pupil screening, assessment, and therapy sessions.

  • Assessment session – 4 credits.
  • Therapy session – 1 credit.

One credit costs £40 and will provide:

  • 20-25 minute intensive therapy session for one pupil.
  • An accompanying report which will explain in detail the progress that has been made and any areas of difficulty that require further therapeutic intervention.
  • Follow-up activities for teaching staff.
  • Integrated CPD.
  • Whole school financial tracking.

Definitely a cost effective and practical solution to the shortage of speech and language therapy support available in most areas.




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    You Teach Me Too

YouTeachMeToo starts quality conversations

How would your child respond in these situations?


Our social situation videos are short, clear and end with a question. When you watch them, you’ll know straight away how you’d want your child to respond. Talking together about managing the situation will give you the opportunity to teach your child what they need to know.


 jfostersenco@gmail.com (Jonathan) offers SEN reviews at competitive prices.  With a strong background in SEN, especially ASD, he is well placed to advise schools on improvements and developments to make with their SEN provision.

Quote SENDCOSolutions in the subject line of your email – so he knows where you’ve come from!

Jonathan and I often work together on SEN Reviews to give schools better value for money, two heads are often better then one when looking for solutions.

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