Aimed at new SENCOs or those that are doing the NASENCO qualification, this series gives you the basics of being a SENCO. It isn’t always what it seems, but you will find this rollercoaster ride of supporting children or young persons with SEN, can be a very rewarding job!

These were recorded early at the begining of the SENsible SENCO, so the quality of the video and sound isn’t the best. But it is the content that matters!

 If you want to watch any video, you can click on the link or watch them on this site below.

Our topics covered so far;

Video 1 – What is a SENCO?

Video 2 – A New SENCO; in a brand new school

Video 3 – A New SENCO; into the disaster zone

Video 4 – A New SENCO; following the perfect SENCO 

Video 5 – A New SENCO; Promotion in your own school

Video 6 – A New SENCO; Walking into the Dark Ages

Video 7 – The SEN Register 

Enjoy the videos.

A New SENCO Series

A New SENCO Series