Spot On With Number


When I started off Maths Month May, I put out a plea on Twitter for individuals to contact me with anything they’d like a review on.  Two companies (relatively new in the field) came back with some physical manipulatives and offered to send me a box.  I’m not one to say, no.  So, here is the first unboxing I’ve had the chance to do!

Don’t forget to look out for the video on YouTube.

Carol Handyside (what is it with the name Carol and maths?) has developed a hands-on resource that is great for small group intervention and reinforcement of basic concepts.

The materials in the box are of high quality and certainly robust enough to survive young children (or strange adults) picking at the edges. 

I did like the little wooden blocks and almost wished the pegs were wooden too (Montessori style), but I would guess at this making the price rocket.  I loved the number line.

The two guides provided with the box had sufficient information in there to enable a TA to pick up the box and deliver an activity with a student even if it hadn’t been planned in advance.  I have to admit I ended up thinking of certain students whilst rummaging through the box and trying some things out.  For example one of my Y8 pupils with dyspraxia and one of my Y6 pupils who still mouthed all items.  But, as with all resources you choose the ones appropriate to your student and that was just me working out who I would not have used these with.  Now, my young lady from Y2 (a probable chromosomal deletion) and her Y6 brother with global learning delay would have loved these.  They were pretty good at putting out counters, but of course they get nudged and jogged as they worked…these are a little more fixed in place and the systematic approach would have really helped.  I think Mum would have been willing to use these at home with them to support learning too.

I liked the activities in the guide – but I think I would end up recreating them on cards that I could hand to the TA in order to deliver as an intervention rather than the whole book.  I think with regular use I can see how I could leave students to achieve an indecent task supported by the manipulative rather than needed an adult to prompt them – which would be great!

If you watch the video, you’ll see me trying to work out how to do addition with the transparent cards!  I still haven’t thought of a way to do that but I didn’t actually think about using them to make number bonds to 5 and 10 which is actually quite simple now I think about it.

In the video review we didn’t include the information from the website…we did feel a 35 minute video of me waffling was probably long enough!  So, don’t forget to have a look on there too.

Spot On With Number is available from:

(It is also available from other outlets such as Amazon however they are not offering you a 15% discount until the end of July 2020 using the discount code: SPOTON15)

For more information about the product who not have a look at Carol’s website ?