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I love learning, sorry, it’s just the way I am.  So, if a new student starts in my school and I need to learn Polish or BSL then I’ll spend that evening or weekend brushing up my skills.  


If I’m asked to teach something completely new and unique then I’ll go and find out as much about it as I can.  I have my little arsenal of go to teaching resources like Maggie Harnew’s SkillsWorkshop, The Hamilton Trust or The Mathematics Enhancement Programme…where they fail to come up trumps I’ll sit and create something myself.  But, the workload of SENCOs, class teachers and even parents is increasing and it isn’t always possible to create something yourself or do all of that research.


What does it cost?

This is where You Teach Me Too is well worth having a look into.  For £10 a month (rolling subscription which you can cancel at any time) you have access to a growing library of video clips which currently stands at over 3300 videos.



3300 videos of teaching resources but are they useful?

Do you want to learn basic Makaton signs?  There’re 51 videos to introduce the basics.

Need to understand how PECS is used or what an E-Tran Frame is? 28 videos on the various stages of PECS and 5 for the E-Tran.

Want a book read aloud to your students?  (Ideal for independent group work)

Or want to remind them how to partition in maths? 24 videos to choose from including one with Cyril the squirrel who pop up in other films too.

Would you like to access snippets of social situations to trigger conversations?  929 to choose from (at the time of writing)

Reinforce concepts and scaffold the learning for your students without always having to provide a TA?

Provide an introduction to Attention Autism for a staff CPD session?


This website has all the above teaching resources and more…


It can be used by parents to support conversations in the home or by schools and teachers wanting something supportive without always having to rely on the input of an additional adult.  We know how powerful the use of a video can be, but let’s face it, we don’t always have the time (or equipment) to create them for ourselves.


The system allows you to create and upload your own content to share with others too along with creating your own play library.  So, you could collect all the videos you need into one playlist (if you’re like me, you’ll forget which one you want as soon as you see the next one!)


What do I like about it?


What I particularly liked, was instead of the videos being long winded like many that are available, or focussed on delivering the full topic, they are often short and to the point.  Many of the social situation videos are less than 1 minute in length so they can be replayed many times and generate discussion.


The videos are made now, so why the fee?


So, where does your money go for the subscription fee?  Well, some of it will be used to keep the site up and running (as someone who hosts a website, I never realised all the hidden costs and for a site hosting their videos rather than relying on YouTube or some other streaming site You Teach Me Too will need more teaching resources than I!) and some of the rest is put back into education by providing teachers to schools.  When You Teach Me Too approached me for a review they were celebrating putting a PE teacher into a primary school.


In my review video over on the SENSible SENCO channel I take you through some of the materials available.  And if you’re interested drop me an email on YTMT@sendcosolutions.co.uk so I can put you in touch with the right people.


(When you email you are giving me permission to pass your information across to You Teach Me Too in order to process an account for you.  I do not need payment information but by going via me I get a little thank you from You Teach Me Too for introducing you .)

You can see our video here under product reviews: You Teach Me Too

Special Offer

If you take out a subscription with You Teach Me Too before the end of February 2020, the cost is reduced to just £4/month for however long you stay with them.
Use my special code SENDCOSOLUTIONS4 when creating your paid account.