SEN Round up – 19th April

You know when you’ve finished something, and then someone changes the goalposts on you…of course you do, you’re a SENCO, and it happens all the time.  Well, that’s what happened here.  After completing the round-up yesterday and popping it in the relevant places, at 1am this morning the DfE/Government decided to release a whole new batch of updates…quite significant ones at that.

So, back to the drawing board and a single date, update of their content.  I’m not bitter, really…


Guidance for schools and other educational settings

This is the launch page for most of the information and was the order in which I presented the files in previous weeks.  Due to its scattered approach it as getting a little unwieldy, so the government has now organised the information into categories instead.

Get help with technology for remote education during COVID-19

Schools and colleges will soon be able to get access to more remote education resources during the school closure period. The Department for Education is working in partnership with technology suppliers such as Google and Microsoft to provide:

  • internet access and digital devices (such as laptops) for some disadvantaged secondary school pupils who do not already have them
  • internet access and digital devices for care leavers and children with social workers who do not already have them
  • support for schools to access online platforms where teachers can set and collect work from pupils
  • training on using remote education resources from the technology suppliers
  • support from other schools and colleges who are already using these resources

Schools, trusts and local authorities will be able to place online orders for devices for eligible pupils from Wednesday 22 April. Parents and pupils will not be able to order the devices themselves.

Supporting your children’s education during COVID-19

This is a new header page for links to some of the information we’ve already seen.

However, it is now offering a specific page for SEND: with information about online resources, materials from The Sensory Projects and TechAbility and information from The Council for Disabled Children and EEF.

Additional pages cover 2-4 year olds and primary school.

Here’s the link to that master page:

Remote education during COVID-19

An information page for parents with links.  This talks about the resources from Oak National Academy (lessons and online resources).  It offers video lessons for primary and secondary children.

This page also links to information about Safeguarding and help with technology.

Safeguarding and remote education during COVID-19

This guidance is designed to be read alongside COVID-19: safeguarding in schools, colleges and other providers.  It reiterates again: There is no expectation that teachers should live stream or provide pre-recorded videos. Schools should consider the approaches that best suit the needs of their pupils and staff.

Probably not the kind of guide that you read and retain, but one you need to be aware of as it has the links required for further support and advice about specific circumstances.

Fingers crossed that there are no more major changes tonight!

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