Whole School SEND Review

By SENDCO Solutions

What is a whole school SEND review from SENDCO Solutions?


With a Whole School SEND Review, SENDCO Solutions works with your current SENCO and SLT to review the processes and procedures and compliance with the Code of Practice.

We will give you a full and accurate report of how to move forward and support your students in a practical and responsible manner.

If needed, after a review, we offer further support to bring your action plan to life!

Schools gain knowledge and experience through using SENDCO Solutions and we have assisted many schools in developing their SEN practice.

“Abigail is one of the most knowledgable and helpful people I have met.  She has helped point out and improve our schools SEND policies and created plans that we are following, She is always available and quick to answer any questions that we have, allowing us to move forward.”

David Langford

  • Free initial 15 minute consultation
  • Preliminary check of policies and processes via email
  • 1 day booking slot chosen by you
  • 2 qualified SEN Consultants to carry out the review
  • Full end of day feedback
  • A written report with a suggested initial action plan and strategies to progress your school’s SEN
  • Opportunity to book additional days to check and review the progress of action plans

Our full report is one of the most detailed and comprehensive on the market.


Whole School SEND Review:

Average price is £1100, though this can vary from school to school, phone for a personalised quote.

Follow up and support:

£350 per day on-site.

Subscription to email only support:

£50 per month *limits apply.


* Email limits apply, max 5 emails per calendar month answered.

Why do a Whole School SEND Review?

A Whole school SEND Review is a great way of checking whether you’re following the Code of Practice 2015 as a class teacher, a SENCO or Senior Leader.

The SEND review gives clarity on what is correct practice, and what can be done to further improve the support for children with special educational needs within your school.

Fully reviewing your graduated response (Assess, plan, do, review) for your EHC (Education Health Care) plans can lead to a more structured workplace, boost outcomes and more time for your SENCO to deal with the day to day occurrences that take a lot of their time.

As the local authority set your EHC plan, we know you will want to produce the best EHC needs assessments that you can, and with our support and help you’ll find that children and young people with SEND are fully supported.

Children with SEND are at the heart of our business and by using SENDCO Solutions you will be delighted with the results that we can achieve together.


You can find further information on commisioning a SEND review at gov.uk


Government Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“I want parents to know that we’re committed to boosting outcomes and ensuring the right support is in place for children with special educational needs, by breaking down the barriers to a good education and making sure the system works for families. That is why the Prime Minister committed to providing an extra £700 million next year, an 11% increase, to make sure these children can access the education that is right for them.”


“Our reforms in 2014 gave vital support to more children, but we know there have been problems in delivering the changes that we all want to see. So it’s the right time to take stock of our system and make sure the excellence we want to see as a result of our changes is the norm for every child and their families.”

Minister for Care Caroline Dinenage said:

“The support and care for people with special educational needs and disabilities is one of my top priorities. The SEND review will be crucial in widening our knowledge of the parts of the system which are working well and the areas which need improvement.”

“The Department for Health and Social Care will play a key role in the review so we can ensure that high quality healthcare support is available for all throughout the country.”


Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Amber Rudd said:

“Children with special needs and disabilities need to get the right educational support and health care so they can thrive.”

“This review will help make sure all families get the support they need so every child, young person and their parents feel extremely positive about their future.”

Tony McArdle said:

Delivering better SEND outcomes will require consistent, strong leadership across a range of partners. I look forward to ensuring that this Board equips the sector with what it needs to bring that leadership to bear.