I’m sure Steve Chinn won’t mind me saying but I wasn’t quite as star struck chatting to him on the phone this week about Dyscalculia…I was still impressed nonetheless.  I contacted him out of the blue and he gave up nearly an hour of his time to talk to me about the definition of dyscalculia.  An amazing man, with an extensive knowledge.

Following on from that chat I filmed two videos.

One about a product that was sat on my desk designed to support children with mathematics difficulties and the other for a special series of SEN CPD snippets.

To the first video – it’s not on the YouTube Channel.  Unfortunately, having never filmed an unboxing video before we managed to get the camera angle completely wrong and you can’t see what I’m working with on the desk!  Oh well – at least we have something to film next week.

As for video 2…that one is up and ready to view!

It’s the first in a series of Ten Minute SEN Snippets.  I envisage them being used by SENCOs as a refresher, teachers to top up their knowledge, CPD opportunities as a drip feed training for NQTs/ITT and to explain things to parents.  As such they are not massively detailed but give a quick overview with definition, difficulites, strategies and activities that explain the need.  The first snippet is all about dyscalculia (hence the chat with Steve).

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It would be pretty cruel to just create that but then not provide you with some resources to support it, wouldn’t it……….?

OK – so here is a file on dyscalculia for you with fact sheets for you as SENCO, one for your teachers and one for parents along with some ideas (and resources) if you decide to deliver your own, longer, CPD session.

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