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SENDCO Solutions offers a wide variety of industrial leading support services within England’s educational framework for SEN (Special Educational Needs) and has a wide range of experienced contacts to provide UK coverage.
Our main aim is to work with all parties that are involved with SEND to make sure that children and young people with special educational needs are kept at the forefront of people’s minds. 




Abigail Hawkins runs SENDCO Solutions, she is an SEN specialist with nearly 25 years of experience in the education sector as a SENCO.  Abigail has a unique ability to problem solve SEN issues, whilst making sure that the compliance of the SEND Code of Practice is not compromised.   With Abigail leading the company, it is dedicated to make sure your school and staff stay on the right side of the law (CAFA) when it comes to special needs. The company is split into three dedicated sections;

SENsible SENCO our facebook and YouTube channel gives all its profits back to schools, in the form of partner products or charitable donations.

SENDCO Solutions for schools, helps SENDCOs, heads and SLT development there school SEN program through our School SEN Audit, where we give full guidance on what to do next for your school provisions around SEN.

SENDCO Solutions for companies, helps companies develop their SEN products so they can have the best impact on the students that they are targetted to support.




Supporting and reviewing your school, we are able to identify ways in which a SENCO can save time or solve problems using the intuitive ways, which years of experience bring.  Working with the SLT in schools (senior leadership team), we can help you recognise where the school’s SEN strengths and areas for development lie.  We pride ourselves, on our whole school SEN reviews.  If you want an appraisal of your current practice then our high end, proven consultancy services can help.  When we get involved, SEN becomes more organised, saving you money and valuable time.




If you’re are a SENCO looking for support, we can answer quick questions and give help on topics like writing an EHCA, Special educational needs funding or what is/how to setup a SEN register, via our free and friendly Facebook group.   Our Facebook group is a safe space to ask questions and is dedicated just for SENDCOs. 

We also have informative videos on developing as a SENCO found on our You Tube channel; SENsible SENCO.


Furthermore, we have written several books on topics like graduated responses, provision mapping and exclusions, which can all be found in our Amazon shop. These books have been positively reviewed and approved by those at the top of the SEN field.  We also run trials of new and exciting products designed with the SEN community in mind.  Often we are on the look out for school’s to trial these special educational need resources.  The trials are free to schools that wish to take part, join our Facebook group to find out more. 




At SENDCO Solutions, whilst our main business is SEN consultancy within schools, we have, and continue to advise and support organisations. As a SENDCO for many years, we know how vital having the right product for the right need is.  We support companies such as Edukey, Emile, PrimEd and Carters Yard Phonics, as well as other smaller businesses and publishers, such as You Teach Me Too and LemonTree.  If you have an educational or SEN product and would like us to review it or help you develop further, contact us.




At SENDCO Solutions, we aim for the highest standard in advice and support for those dealing with children or young persons with special educational needs.
From free support and advice on our social channels, to professional paid support via our “School SEN Audit” or our “Product SEN Advice Service”.


For SEN advice and support that works, choose SENDCO Solutions.


Learn more about SENDCO Solutions and Abigail Hawkins in the About us section

Don’t Settle For Less

SEN Consulting Services

Support in a difficult meeting

“Been there.  Cried lots.  Felt very unsupported because no one else in the school understands my role.”

Assistance writing EHCP requests

“The EHCP request isn’t too bad…it’s the bid for funding that most SENCOs struggle with and as budgets get tighter the process will only get harder.”

Help analysing data

“Most SENCOs hate data.  We are person-oriented and want a child to do “well”, but that doesn’t necessarily have the same interpretation as everyone else.”


“Reading Approach It, Map It, Manage It was like sitting over coffee with a friend.  Abigail really knows what it is like in our shoes.

Lisa Finn, Secondary SENDCO

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