Social Media

I have a strong presence on social media via most of the common channels – but you might always not realise it’s me…



You can find my company group and page over on Facebook.  SENDCOSolutions as a group allows members to post adverts for their own relevant services. 
Read the terms and conditions when joining.


The SENsible SENCO group consists of over 6000 professional members.  SENsible SENCO became so popular it has its own website of SEN resources shared by individuals (over 1500 of them) and we hold regular virtual meetings.

The page is used as a placeholder. 
To access the resources you need a password which is available within the Facebook group.  

Other social media 


You can find me lurking on Twitter with the handle above. 



I’m also a member of LinkedIn and tend to repost interesting articles, webinars and job opportunities.

Other places 

Class Charts & Provision Maps

I manage the social media Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for these companies in my capacity as their SEN and SG Coordinator, and you’ll often see me reply as ‘me’.  


Evaluate My School

I support Evaluate My School with their LinkedIn account.